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BioDihydroquercetin (5 gr) - 1 Course

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BioDihydroquercetin (5 gr) - 1 Course for 2 months

Powerful  natural antioxidant. Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance against viruses

Advantages of biodihydroquercetin:
  • The powder form provides the fastest possible action;
  • "Living Form" provides enhanced antioxidant form;
  • The measuring spoon contains optimal daily dosage of pure biodihydroquerceti.

BIO DIHYDROQUERCETIN - dihydroquercetin in "alive" form is the same as it is originally located in larch wood. This "living" natural form of the product gives enhanced antioxidant activity.

Oxygen causes iron to rust and oil becomes rancid. In the human body under the influence of reactive oxygen free radicals are formed which trigger processes similar to fermentation and putrefaction. Small amounts of free radicals help a body destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi. Their excess leads to uncontrolled destruction of their own organs and tissues. Excess free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body, which starts the process of damage to their own cells, which contributes to the development of many diseases. Among them, the most common and dangerous: Atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke, malignant processes and including the ageing process itself.

Factors contributing to the formation of free radicals:

  • Automotive and industrial exhaust gases;
  • Smoking;
  • Xenobiotic: heavy metals, pesticides, some detergents, synthetic dyes, etc.;
  • Administration of a large number of drugs;
  • Ionizing and ultraviolet radiation;
  • Severe inflammation.

Antioxidants help a human body to prevent oxidative stress, and if it occurres - to cope with its consequences.

The mechanism of BIO DIHYDROQUERCETIN action :

BIO DIHYDROQUERCETIN - a powerful antioxidant in an unique "alive" form. Due the ability to track and return "extra" electrons, it neutralizes free radicals and protects cell membranes against damage and breaks uncontrolled cascade of destruction of their own organs and tissues.

It was found as a result of pharmacological studies that capillary strengthening effect dihydroquercetin is superior 3-5 times the currently used quercetin (vitamin P). Dihydroquercetin has capillary strengthening action and has the ability to reduce the permeability of the vessel walls. It’s mechanism of action is associated with the activation of oxidative processes and increased recovery of dihydroascorbic in ascorbic acid.


Healing properties and recommendations for administration:
  • Increases body's immune defenses;
  • Provides anti-tumor protection;
  • Normalizes blood cholesterol level;
  • Cleanses a body from toxins and free radicals ( large quantities of drugs, alcohol and food poisoning);
  • Restores capillary permeability: improves metabolism, eliminates swelling and normalizes blood viscosity;
  • Restores the fragile walls of blood vessels;
  • It stimulates repair of damaged tissues after injury and serious illnesses;
  • Increases the body's resistance to stress, infectious diseases and adverse environmental factors;
  • Slows the aging process at the cellular level;
  • Improves skin (improves skin tone, fights wrinkles and acne).
BIODIHYROQUERCETIN (as a subsidiary means) enhances effects of drugs in the following diseases:
  • An Immuno modulator and good for diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Atherosclerosis (normalizes cholesterol, prevents plaque formation);
  • Coronary artery disease, including unstable angina, myocardial infarction prophylaxis;
  • Atrial arrhythmia;
  • Hypertensive heart disease.
Respiratory diseases:
  • Pneumonia;
  • Chronic obstructive bronchitis.
Allergic diseases:
  • Atopic rhinitis;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Bronchial asthma (atopic and infectious-dependent form).
Gastrointestinal disease:
  • Gastric ulcer;
  • Erosive gastritis and atrophic (gastroprotectives);
  • Chronic liver disease (liver cells protects against viruses and toxins - hepatoprotector);
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Neurological disorders:
  • Depression
  • Parkinson's Disease;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • Stroke (prevention and post-stroke period).


Individual intolerance, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

How to use:

Adults: Take 1 measuring spoon (70 mg) to dissolve in the mouth. Powder can be dissolved in a tablespoon of water at room temperature and to have a drink. Take once a day 30 minutes before a meal or 1.5 hour after a meal. You can drink a little water for powder.

Course duration is 2 months, then a break for 2 months. If necessary, you may repeat 3 times a year.

Warning! Powder has a slightly bitter taste (natural product made of larch)!

Composition of BIO DIHYDROQUERCETIN: The product is 100% of dihydroquercetin does not contain additional additives, fillers, dyes and preservatives.

CSR № RU. on 11/03/2014

TC 9197-001-87062403-14

Biologically active supplement. Not sold as medicine. We recommend to consult with your doctor before use.

According to the expert estimates Nobel laureate L.Polling, systematic addition to food of dihydroquercetin in dose range 0.001 - 0.00001% per kilogram of a person weight during a year will extend the life of a common man for 20-25 years.