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Stockings INTEX "Universal"

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Anti-varicose Stockings INTEX "Universal" compression class 1 (18-21 mm Hg) 

We are glad to represent you a unique novelty - the series of dimensionless compression knitwear. Now the selection and purchase of compression hosiery has become more convenient: it is enough to determine the type of product and choose the appropriate color - black or beige.

The compression remains constant for different leg sizes - 18-21 mm Hg. Maximum pressure is created at the ankle level, decreasing upward. This design allows you to activate the venous outflow and improve the movement of blood to the heart.

When developing the dimensionless series, specialists took as a basis the standard parameters within the S - XL sizes. Thus, approximately 93% of potential consumers of the products will be able to take advantage of the new products.

The series is designed for standard parameters within the S-XL, but even people with XXL leg size can use this hosiery.

Indications for use: for carrying out compression therapy in the treatment of diseases associated with the formation of edema caused by vascular pathology of the lower extremities, as well as for the prevention of varicose veins and normalization of blood circulation in the limbs, including during prolonged static loads, during air travel and during pregnancy .

Indications for the use of dimensionless universal tights: long flights, edema, varicose veins, vascular insufficiency, surgical interventions on the lower extremities, discomfort and fatigue in the legs.

Color: beige.

Composition: elastane, polyamide.