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RANKEL Smart Beauty

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RANKEL Smart Beauty is developed in accordance to the noninvasive (transcutaneous) technologies that allow to improve the skin condition without any surgical or other interventions. It is widely used in dermatology as a therapy component of skin pigmentation disorders, alopecia and herpes. The device allows you to improve the condition of the skin in diseases such as acne. It promotes the resorption of keloids and scars. The device is used to reduce wrinkles. Its application is also suitable for skin restoration after chemical peels and laser resurfacing, for resorption of edema after mesotherapy and other injection procedures.

The therapeutic effect of the device is achieved by the exposure of five-factors:

  • Pulse infrared laser radiation (905nm) – analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, decongestant effect, regulation of the hormonal profile;
  • Pulsating broadband infrared LED radiation (875nm) – warming, normalization of microcirculation, stimulation of of red blood cells’ and lymphocytes’ proliferation;
  • Pulsating red light (650nm) – improving muscle tone, normalizing water-salt metabolism, activating collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation of connective tissue;
  • Pulsating blue light (460nm) – bactericidal activity, prevention of dermatological diseases, hemostatic effect, acceleration of skin healing;
  • Constant magnetic field (35mTl) – improvement of oxygen saturation of tissues, regulation of the membrane potential and improvement of the mitochondrial respiratory chain function.

Laser radiation from the RANKEL Smart Beauty device activates the regeneration of the upper layers of the derma and restores tissue microcirculation, which leads to a better outflow of lymph, relieve swelling and restore subcutaneous structures, for example, in case of cellulite. This therapeutic effect is also used to recover the structure of the nail plates, to remove striae (stretch marks), to tighten the skin of face, arms, legs and décolleté.

Due to the multifactor optical and electromagnetic effects, the RANKEL Smart Beauty laser device is suitable for anti-aging care of skin and underlying tissues both at home and in cosmetology clinics. It inhibits the development of allergic and inflammatory reactions. The device is absolutely safe. It promotes analgesia due to the visible radiation, and this effect is widely used in regenerative medicine.

Low level laser irradiation relieves swelling, improves microcirculation, thereby moisturizing the skin and saturating it with microelements. The use of RANKEL Smart Beauty has no side effects, it is a painless and absolutely safe method for skin and underlying tissue care.

Delivery Set

The kit includes:

  • physiotherapy laser device RANKEL Smart Life
  • products passport
  • treatment guidelines
  • cables
  • afety glasses (2 pieces) 6
  • nozzles:

  1. nozzle for cosmetology procedures 4;
  2. nozzle for treatment in gynecology апd proctology 1;
  3. acupuncture 3;
  4. nozzle for treatment in otorhinolaryngology and dentistry 2;
  5. hair nozzle 5.