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The portable device "Magniton" (AMnp-02 device of magnetotherapy).

* The package contains manual in Russian. We will put in a parcel USB-stick with manual in English

It is a magnetotherapeutic device with a low-frequency variable and an automatically changing frequency magnetic field of influence. This can work not only from the 220 V network, but also from the 12 V power supply.

The method of low-frequency magnetotherapy is among the most sparing and easily tolerated, without causing noticeable subjective sensations, shifts in central hypodynamics, low-frequency magnetotherapy can be performed in adults without age restriction and in children from the age of 3 years.

The device has a variety of therapeutic effects:

  • neurostimulating, analgesic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, vasoactive, stimulant:
  • diseases and traumatic injuries of the central nervous system (residual manifestations after ischemic stroke, closed spinal cord injuries with motor disorders, infantile cerebral palsy);
  • damage to the peripheral nervous system of various genesis (inflammatory, toxic traumatic, ischemic)
  • plexitis, neuritis, and others;
  • traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system (bruises, sprains, fractures of bones);
  • inflammatory and degenerative-dystrophic injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (furuncles, trophic ulcers, mastitis, phlegmon);
  • respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, bronchitis);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (essential hypertension of stage 1 and 2A, atherosclerotic occlusion of peripheral arteries);
  • gynecological and urological diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (violations of the motor function of the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, chronic pancreatitis and others).

The device is compact and mobile, as well as easy to use. To start work, you need to select the method of exposure according to the instructions for use, attach the device with the working surface to the body and begin treatment. The working surface of the inductor is the side with the holes for cooling, opposite the front panel, on which is the inscription "ВЕРХ".

You can fix the device by supporting the inductor with a palm or fixing it with a Belt. The kit includes two belts 0.5 m long and 1.5 m long. 

Package Contents

  • Apparatus magnetotherapeutic with low-frequency alternating magnetic field of action "Magniton" (AMnp-02);
  • Magnetic field indicator;
  • Power cable;
  • Power supply 12 V, 1000 mA;
  • Fixing belt 1.5 m;
  • Fixing belt 0.5 m;
  • Manual;
  • Instructions for use (also in English - PDF).

Indications for use

  • diseases of the central nervous system (cerebral palsy, consequences of ischemic stroke);
  • Traumatic injuries of the CNS (trauma of the spinal cord of a closed type with the appearance of motor disorders);
  • violations in the work of PNS of various genesis (traumatic, inflammatory, toxic, ischemic), incl. neuritis, plexitis;
  • problems of the cardiovascular system (hypertension in stages 1 and 2, atherosclerotic occlusion of peripheral arteries);
  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system (fractures, bruises, sprains);
  • degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • gastrointestinal diseases (chronic pancreatitis, violation of gastric motility, gallbladder, intestines);
  • dysfunction of the human respiratory system (bronchitis, bronchial asthma);
  • skin diseases, subcutaneous tissue (mastitis, trophic ulcers, phlegmon, furuncles);
  • urological diseases and gynecological.


  • The general severe condition of the body (pulmonary, cardiac, mixed form of these types of insufficiency II-III degree);
  • Systemic blood diseases;
  • Bleeding and a tendency to it;
  • Acute thrombosis, recurrent, thromboembolic complications;
  • Aneurysm of the heart, aorta and large vessels;
  • Severe angina pectoris;
  • Cardiovascular failure is higher than stage II;
  • Severe arrhythmias;
  • Acute myocardial infarction;
  • Presence of a pacemaker;
  • CNS diseases with a sharp arousal;
  • Malignant neoplasms or suspected development;
  • Active tuberculosis process;
  • Sharp exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process; gangrene; exhaustion of the body;
  • Pronounced hypotension;
  • Individual intolerance.
* The package contains manual in Russian. We will put in a parcel USB-stick a card with manual in English