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ECG Dongle

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ECG Dongle

For any questions contact us in the CHAT in the lower right corner of the screen, or by mail: info@scenarplus.com

Pocket ECG devices allow anyone to check cardiovascular system at any time at any place using your smartphone or tablet PC:

  • ECG Dongle - 6-channel ECG
  • ECG Dongle Full - 12-channel ECG
  • Cardio-Cloud - service for distributors, which can be set up on your servers and allow clients in your country to send their ECG recordings to cardiologists.

ECG Dongle is an own cardiological complex at home, at work, on vacation. It can easily fit in your pocket, and the price of a unit is less than price of a simple mobile phone. It allows anyone to get the data on the work of his heart, heart rate and stress level, as well as send them to the doctor. Analysis is very simple, can be done in a few minutes, anywhere and at any time.

ECG Dongle - is:

  • caring about the health of loved ones at the right time, anywhere;
  • monitoring of the health without visit a doctor and without changing the normal rhythm of life;
  • improving the efficiency of fitness, sports training and control the body's reaction to sport excersises in order to determine their optimal level;
  • ease of operation: ECG Dongle does not require a medical or technical education - almost any person can operate it.


ECG Dongle is:

  • 6- or 12-channel ECG Dongle cardio flash drive;
  • free mobile application for IOS and Android;
  • CardioCloud service.



  • ECG Dongle
  • ECG Dongle Full
  • CardioCloud service


is a personal device for rapid monitoring of cardiovascular system.

The system includes:

  • ECG Dongle cardio flash drive;
  • cable for 6-channel ECG monitoring;
  • 4 reusable electrodes;
  • OTG - micro USB adapter.

* For iOS devices with built-in Lightning socket special Lightning - USB adapter is required (not included into complete set of delivery):

ECG Dongle is the smallest device for measuring parameters of cardiovascular system:

  • it is designed as a flash drive with 9 grams weight, fit in the hand and any pocket;
  • captures data on the work of the heart, corresponding to 6-channel ECG;
  • is completed with 4 reusable electrodes, which can be easily put on the body yourself;
  • can be connected to Android devices through a standard OTG cable;
  • can be connected to the mobile iOS device (up to iOS 9.x) through a special adapter;
  • does not have its own battery: works using the battery of mobile phone or tablet PC.

Results can be sent to the CardioCloud to obtain the recommendations and opinion of a cardiologist on current state of cardiovascular system.

ECG Dongle can work with the following devices (were tested):

Supported Devices (as of December 2016):

- ASUS Nexus 7
- ASUS P021
- ASUS P022
- ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T
- DEXP Ixion EL150
- DEXP Ixion XL240
- DIGMA Optima E7.1 3G TT7071MG
- Ginzzu GT-7010
- Haier G700
- Highscreen Boost3
- HTC Nexus 9
- HTC One M9
- HTC One S
- HTC One_E8 dual sim
- HUAWEI Che2-L11
- HUAWEI MediaPad T1 10 4G
- LeMobile Le X527
- Lenovo A3500-H
- Lenovo A5500-H
- Lenovo A6010
- Lenovo B8080-H
- Lenovo K910
- Lenovo LenovoA3300-HV

- Lenovo P1a42
- Lenovo P1ma40
- Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L
- Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50LC
- Lenovo TB3-850M
- Lenovo YT3-X90F
- LGE LG-D855
- LGE LG-H815
- LGE LG-H818
- LGE Nexus 5
- Meizu M3s
- Meizu m2 note
- Micromax E313
- Motorola XT1562
- OUKITEL UniverseTap
- Prestigio PMT3108_3G
- Prestigio PMT5001_3G
- QUMO Altair 702
- Rockchip M6
- Rockchip Tesla
- Samsung GT-I9105
- Samsung GT-I9295
- Samsung GT-I9300
- Samsung GT-I9500
- Samsung GT-I9505
- Samsung GT-N7000
- Samsung GT-N7100
- Samsung SM-A510F
- Samsung SM-G531H
- Samsung SM-G900
- Samsung SM-G920F
- Samsung SM-G925F
- Samsung SM-G930F

- Samsung SM-J320F
- Samsung SM-J700H
- Samsung SM-N900
- Samsung SM-N910C
- Samsung SM-N915F
- Samsung SM-N920C
- Samsung SM-P601
- Samsung SM-T555
- Samsung SM-T715
- Samsung SM-T805
- Sony C1905
- Sony D2212
- Sony D2303
- Sony D2502
- Sony D6603
- Sony E5533
- Sony SGP321
- Sony SGP521
- Sony SGP621
- TCL 5022D
- World Space Phone 5G
- Xiaomi MI 3W
- Xiaomi MI 4LTE
- Xiaomi MI 5
- Xiaomi MI MAX
- Xiaomi Philips v387
- XIAOMI Redmi 2
- Xiaomi Redmi 3
- Xiaomi Redmi 3S
- Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
- Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
- Yota Devices Limited YD201


  • A / D converter: 12 bit / 1000Hz
  • The number of linearly independent channels: 2
  • The number of leads: 6
  • The number of cables for connection of electrodes: 4

ECG Dongle app is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store and allows you:

  • to see the work of your heart in real time;
  • shows the heart rate and stress level;
  • to adjust the scale of the displayed information;
  • to save the result of research in PDF format or to send to CardioCloud.

For any questions contact us in the CHAT in the lower right corner of the screen, or by mail: info@scenarplus.com